Frequently asked questions about purchasing an Ercolina® machine.

Below you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers before purchasing an Ercolina® Machine.

We have collected these questions to provide you with clarification on the most common doubts that may arise when purchasing a Machine.

How do you buy an Ercolina® machine?2024-02-15T15:43:33+01:00

Ercolina®  has an extensive network of points of sale, dealers, agents or branches all over the world. The machines can be viewed on the ercolina.com website, at the demo rooms of one of our plants or during more than 20 trade fairs around the world in which we participate every year. Once you have viewed the machine you can talk to one of our area managers or sales technicians, who will suggest the right machine according to your needs. The sale will be managed either by the same area manager or directed to the nearest point of sale in the customer’s area of origin, but always followed by the area manager in charge. The technical data sheets of the machines and a detailed quote will be sent to you.

How long does the machine get shipped?2024-01-19T17:34:36+01:00

The order confirmation indicates the “delivery days“, that are the time required to produce the machine. The delivery days depend on the size or complexity of the machine. Most of the Ercolina products (Jolly, Junior, Medibender, Hydraulic machines) are ready for delivery, therefore they can be shipped in a few working days; others are in continuous production (for example Topbender, Ring rollers, etc.), therefore they can be shipped in about 10/20 working days; others, instead, are made according to the customer’s needs (Mandrel machines, machines with special tools) and delivery times can change depending on the complexity of the chosen model.

Once the delivery days are over, the machine is packed and placed on a platform ready to be shipped.

The customer, retailer, or branch is in charge of shipping the machine.

How are Ercolina® machines made?2024-02-15T16:03:17+01:00

Ercolina® tube bender or profile bender machines are synonymous of quality and reliability, as well as durability. The Ercolina® is so reliable that over the years it has become synonymous of the words “pipe bender”.

All Ercolina® machines in the world are designed and produced in Italy, in the factory of Piedimonte San Germano, an innovative and technological centre of over 18.000 square meters. All Ercolina® machines respect the strict quality and certification norms, they are ideal for small, medium or big companies with a medium/high productivity.

The Ercolina® machines are sent to the customer completely assembled and tested, complete with user and maintenance manual, digital control manual, interactive connections to the exploded views of the machine and to the electrical diagram.

The material used for the realization of the machine comes from the European Community and the electrical or hydraulic components are of brands considered “The European excellence”.

If you make a correct use of the machine and a simple annual maintenance, the average life of an Ercolina® machine is about 30/35 years.

Ercolina® machines are to be considered professional machines of medium/high production.

How does technical assistance work?2024-02-16T10:47:26+01:00

Technical assistance on Ercolina® machines is always guaranteed since more than 50 years. If an Ercolina® machine has any anomalies or possible faults, it is possible to contact the technical assistance by phone or through the website, filling in the appropriate form HERE. Within 24 hours one of our specialized technician will get in touch with the customer to solve the problem. 90% of the problems can be solved remotly, by phone, email or video conference.
If our technician believes that the problem is unsolvable by telephone, it is decided whether to return the machine to the dealer, branch or “parent company” for repair or we will send our specialized technician to the customer.

How are the products packaged?2024-01-19T17:43:56+01:00

All Ercolina® machines are packed on plastic or wooden platforms, wrapped with bubble wrap and transparent film (to keep all parts stable) and finally covered with a triple layer cardboard box (suitable for air or sea transport). Some machines are packed completely in wood.

Inside the packaging, in smaller cardboard boxes, are always present all the standard accessories of the machine, the use and maintenance manuals and the control manuals.

The packaging is marked with the Ercolina logo and on all the machines the anchorage points for lifting are indicated. Each package is closed with the Ercolina/Pedrazzoli branded tape and the appropriate clamps.

How does the warranty work?2024-02-15T15:51:26+01:00

Ercolina® machines are covered by a 1-year warranty from sale.

At the time of technical assistance, the machine’s serial number is requested. From the serial number, you can identify the model, the year of production of the machine, the sale of the machine and to who has been sold the machine.

The warranty covers any manufacturing defect, but does not cover failures caused by improper use of the machine. The warranty does not include labour and the transport to proceed with the total or partial replacement of the machine.

What are the payment conditions?2024-01-19T17:45:22+01:00

The payment terms and conditions are described on the quote and on the order confirmation.

The terms of payment are decided on case-by-case.

How can I become a dealer, an agent or an Ercolina contact person?2024-02-15T14:56:53+01:00

Ercolina has a capillary network of points of sale, retailers, multi-firm agents or signallers, but it is always looking for new commercial figure to insert in its Team.

If you want to become an Ercolina agent or a reseller or a signaller, you can fill in the following form HERE and one of our referent will contact you within 24 hours.

Haven’t found what you were looking for and need personalized assistance?

Contact us now, our technical support team will do their best to provide you with all the assistance you need.

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