Ercolina® tube bender or profile bender machines are synonymous of quality and reliability, as well as durability. The Ercolina® is so reliable that over the years it has become synonymous of the words “pipe bender”.

All Ercolina® machines in the world are designed and produced in Italy, in the factory of Piedimonte San Germano, an innovative and technological centre of over 18.000 square meters. All Ercolina® machines respect the strict quality and certification norms, they are ideal for small, medium or big companies with a medium/high productivity.

The Ercolina® machines are sent to the customer completely assembled and tested, complete with user and maintenance manual, digital control manual, interactive connections to the exploded views of the machine and to the electrical diagram.

The material used for the realization of the machine comes from the European Community and the electrical or hydraulic components are of brands considered “The European excellence”.

If you make a correct use of the machine and a simple annual maintenance, the average life of an Ercolina® machine is about 30/35 years.

Ercolina® machines are to be considered professional machines of medium/high production.