EN100 Metalworking

Minimum external diameter:

⌀ 20 mm

Maximum outer diameter

220 mm

ercolin metal deformation

The EN100 is a sensational machine, for unique notching and grinding.



  • Tube Notching for angles up to 60° and 76mm in diameter
  • Safe and valid alternative to the use of band saws, plasma cutters and cutters
  • Patented transverse and longitudinal movement system that extends belt life and reduces heat
  • Use of top-quality abrasive belts that allow processing on a wide range of materials including: carbon steel; stainless steel; aluminum, titanium and more
  • Graduated vice 0-60° adjustable in height to vary the notching angle and carry out more complex processes
  • Patented quick roller change system
  • By removing the vice, the machine can be used with the special roller as a conventional grinder.
  • Large and practical deburring surface
  • Over 25 working rollers available
  • Tool-free belt change.



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