MG030 A NC Mandrel benders

Minimum external diameter:

⌀ 10 mm

Maximum bend capacity:

⌀ 64 x 3,3 mm

Minimum bend radius:

20 mm

Maximum bend radius:

200 mm

hercoline core bender

The MG030 A NC is an extraordinary machine, small, simple to use, fast, high-performance. The machine Ercolina customers love the most, the indispensable mandrel bender. Indispensable for artisanal work, but with large quantities, for essential product repeatability.


energy saving



  • FST closing system (Patented) with auxiliary system for stabilizing the hydraulic pressure of the slide.
  • Programmable bending C axis and 2-axis manual mandrel carriage positioning (Y1=Feed and B=Rotation) with high resolution encoder and adjustable standard mechanical stops.
  • Multifunction control keyboard integrated into the machine body with microprocessor control with multifunctional menu; 30 programs with 9 curves each storable (MG030-AV2T); TC PLUS Control has the unlimited programs with 30 curves each storable.
  • Screen for digital display of carriage feed (Y1 Axis) and rotation (B Axis)
  • External pressure gauges to facilitate system setting and closing pressure.
  • Variable bending speed up to 4 rpm (Versions with inverters).
  • Available core banks of 1.5, 3, 4 and 6 meters.
  • Pneumatic mandrel.



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