GB100 SNC Core bender

Minimum external diameter:

⌀ 120 mm

Maximum bend capacity:

⌀ 120 x 5.5 mm

Minimum bend radius:

40 mm

Maximum bend radius:

400 mm

hercoline core bender

The GB100 SNC is a sensational machine, equipped with a 4- or 6-meter mandrel bench with cylinder-operated mandrel extraction system.


energy saving



  • Robust and rigid structure
  • GS500 spheroidal cast iron head with high mechanical strength and innovative guide system (Patented)
  • Compact and hard-wearing bend axis, with chain and cylinder, which ensures
    a constant bend speed for high performance and precision
  • Mandrel extraction system operated by a cylinder.
  • C axis (Bending angle), X2 axis (Slide lateral movement) and Y2 axis (Booster
    movement) hydraulic and programmable with digital reading of the values
  • Manual Positioning of the two-axis spindle carriage (Y1=feed and B=rotation)
  • 2-meter extension available
  • Import of .iges .dxf .Iges Tekla format files (optional)
  • Wi-fi



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