Rotary Draw Accessories

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Profile Folding – Bending Attachment
Part# 051
Bend and shape solid plate, bar stock and rod to tight radii. Adapts to Ercolina rotary draw benders: MG030 Mega Bender, TB60, 050EDT and SB48.

Bending Capacities
Material Type Maximum Diameter
Round solids .625
Rectangular solids .187 x 4.000
Solid square .625 x .625
Angle Iron 2 x .312

Cap Rail Tooling

Available by special order only for MG030 Mega Bender, TB60, 050EDT and SB48 Super Bender.

Roller Counterbending Dies

Available for round and square profiles, roller dies are recommended when bending high tensile materials, solids, heavy wall profiles and rusted material.

Note: Roller dies must be positioned a minimum of 2½” from face of center former; failure to do so will cause machine damage. Not suitable for bends beyond 130 degrees.
Part# 050I from ⅜” to 2⅜”
Part# 050J from 2½” to 3″


Rotary Draw Tie Bar Accessory

For use on Mega Bender MG030, TB60, 050EDT and SB48 Super Bender. Tie bar accessory should always be used when bending heavy wall profiles and solid materials.
Part# 030TIEBAR