Era Press Metalworking Machine

Era Press Tube Swaging (Reduce & Expand)


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Ercolina’s Era Press EP25H2-V2 and Erco Press EP60 are programmable tube and pipe swaging machines and metalworking presses.

Key Features EP25H2-V2

  • 20 – 90 mm tube capacity
  • Expands and reduces tube and pipe ends
  • Performs metalworking press operations
  • Tooling available for tube flaring & flanging
  • Square and rectangular tooling available
  • Programmable touchpad control with backlit LCD display
  • Heavy duty structure and rigid components
  • Adjustable working speed and hydraulic force
  • Quick change modular tooling
  • Remote pendent with low voltage controls
  • Programmable cylinder positioning
  • Hydraulic material clamping system

Key Features EP60

  • 20 – 114 mm tube capacity
  • Hand-held remote control certified class three safety
  • LCD touch screen control
  • Unlimited program storage with USB
  • Punch or finger-style swage tooling
  • Energy saving motor shuts off when not in use
  • Optional side shift feature reduces tooling changeover


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