Ercolina CE40M2A Angle Roll

Ercolina’s CE40M2A Angle Roll – Section Bender

CML International is pleased to introduce the new ErcolinaCE40M2A Angle Roll, with capacity of 60 x 2 mm round tube, (1-1/2″ gas Sch. 40) and (1-1/2″ 38MM angle iron). Ercolina’s CE40M2A is ideal for general purpose fabricating and roll bending a wide variety of materials and shapes including pipe, tube, angle iron, channels and extrusions.

The CE40M2A’s new A-frame is engineered for strength and manufactured from high quality spheroidal cast iron. Forty millimeter tooling shafts are forged for greater strength than traditional machined and hardened shafts, resulting in minimal deflection and greater accuracy when rolling. Manual center roll with position with analog read out allow the operator to easily monitor tooling location and create repeatable parts. Simple electronic design with inverter drive reduces power consumption and improves efficiency. All electric components are commercially available. Two bending speeds of 6 or 12 rpm increase productivity based on the profile. Machine designed to roll in horizontal or vertical position for greater versatility. CE40MA2 includes Universal tooling set and foot pedal for operator convenience. Ercolina’s optional anti-twist accessory mounts to A-frame quickly when bending Angle Iron “Leg In”.